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We are often asked when to utilize the forestry mulching method and when to use other land clearing methods. Read on!

Land clearing methods vary based on the current state of the property and desired result. Land clearing is all-encompassing in that it includes the removal of all vegetation including tree and shrub roots in preparation for home building, sidewalks, driveways, pools, etc.

Our land clearing methods produce significant results and are efficient and cost effective. The compact machines keep land disruption to a minimum, labor costs are less and the results are immediate. The impact on curb appeal is often dramatic! Several methods can be used together to create the perfect space to meet your needs.

Forestry mulchers are used to shred branches, roots, vines, small trees, saplings and stumps, resulting in a healthy mulch layer that protects and revitalizes the earth below it. This valuable, protective top layer of material remains on the land, naturally breaks down, and does amazing things: controls water runoff and erosion, helps prevent the spread of invasive vegetation species, insulates existing tree roots, replenishes the soil, and serves as fertilizer for remaining trees as well as future landscaping. 


Utilizing the forestry mulching solution, no debris removal is required and the entire process is completed with compact equipment. This is a great technique for tree thinning, pathways, utility right-of-way clearing/maintenance, storm damage cleanup and the like.

A favored forestry mulching method is selective clearing and mulching. Instead of clearing entire areas, selective clearing focuses on removing specific vegetation while preserving desirable trees and plants. This approach maintains biodiversity and minimizes the impact on the ecosystem. 


Brush cutting, or brush mowing, is the method used to remove tall weeds, grasses and other non-tree vegetation. This type of land clearing is often used to regain or maintain control of overgrown areas like fields and ditches, clear trails and paths, or mow around large obstructions like trees and structures.


Brush clearing, like forestry mulching, helps reduce or eliminate pest infestations and reveals the beauty of the property. Brush clearing also eliminates fire hazards, as dry grasses can be very flammable, and even intentional brush fires can quickly get out of hand.

The mini excavator is often used in conjunction with the forestry mulcher and brush cutter. It is favored for its ability to take down larger trees and pull roots for land clearing, yet this machine has endless applications, including:


  • Ditch clearing and cleanup

  • Driveway prep

  • Trails, pathways

  • Roadside maintenance

  • Small stump removal

  • Small structure demolition

  • Pond overgrowth cleanup

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